Alexa, start daily house chores.

Assigns house chores to a random member of your household.

Assign house chores

Starts the "Wheel of Choice" and select a participant for a house chore.


Offers you setting options for this skill.

Add participant

Area to add members of your household.

Read participants

Read out all active participants.

Reset participants

Area for removing the active participants.


Gives you an overview of the skill.

Voice commands

Alexa, start daily house chores ...

... add participant.
... assign house chores.
... read participants.
... reset participants.
... open settings.
... instructions.

"Tu etwas Gutes, wo immer du bist. Es sind all die Kleinigkeiten, die zusammen die Welt verändern." (D.T.)

Daily house chores - Activate now