Alexa, start my aquarium.

The Aquarium Planner Skill helps you maintain your aquarium.


Can remember the feeding of your fishes.

Water change

Remembers the percentage of water changes for you.


Can give you the aquarium tip of the day every day.


Find suitable aquarium items directly in the aquarium planner skill.

More aquariums

Maintain up to three aquariums (premium feature).


Search for fishes and plants to learn more about them.

Fish population

Can remember and maintain your fish population.


Skill app available online.

Water values

Can remember the current water values for you.


Gives you general information about water parameters.

Status report

Can show a status report of your aquarium.


Gives you an overview of saved values for 31 days.

Voice commands

Alexa, start my aquarium ...

... create aquarium.
... change aquarium.
... delete aquarium.
... status report.
... what is the aquarium tip of the day?
... how is my fish population?
... how do I manage my fish population?
... what are my current tasks?
... log into app.
... I fed the fishes.
... when were the fishes fed?
... show me all feedings.
... remind me to feed the fishes.
... how many points do i have?
... what can i buy?
... subscribe to the premium feature.
... unsubscribe the premium feature.
... what is the product of the day?
... I changed the water.
... when was the water changed?
... show me all water changes.
... remind me to change the water.
... I added Co2 to the water.
... when was Co2 added to the water?
... save my water parameters.
... show me all pH values. (or total hardness values, carbonate hardness values, nitrate values, nitrite values, chlorine values.)
... tell me the water values.
... search for the fish "Black Molly".
... search for the plant "Little Water Star".
... tell me a warm water fish.
... name me a cold water fish.
... cancel process.
... what does the pH value mean? (or total hardness value, carbonate hardness value, nitrate value, nitrite value, chlorine value.)
... what is new?

"Worte verbinden nur, wo unsere Wellenlängen längst übereinstimmen." (M.F.)

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